Our Premises in Lübeck

Lage Standort

Multiple services

EFG Heavy Haulage is located at the industrial heart of the city of Lübeck. The site once was home to Lübecker Maschinenbau Gesellschaft, formerly one of the biggest manufacturers of machines, vessels, cranes and steel constructions in the wider area. Accordingly, the site offers excellent conditions for the (pre-)assembly and storage of unusually large and heavy cargoes. Our premises also allows for the transshipment of a large variety of goods.

Anweisungen Anfahrt

Direct access to road, rail and waterways

EFG Heavy Haulage’s premises are directly connected to the road, rail and inland waterway network and the open sea. Our own quay - suited for seagoing vessels - is 350 m long. In addition, further port terminals are nearby and can easily be reached by truck, train, barge or pontoon. Moreover, Hamburg with its seaport and airport is close by, thus granting access to further worldwide connections.